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About us


More than 10 years’ experience

HEK MAKINE is a company specialized in the purchase, repair and sale of used machinery with extensive experience has more than a decades

This ambitious business project has always stood out for technological innovation and adaptation to the needs of its customers. Our long experience plus our professional collaborators in the company, allows us to have a deep knowledge about the purchase and sale of used machines and offering a high quality service to our customers.

Its beginnings are in dismantling company with more than 8 years of service and with the highest quality standard in the industrial sector. It is precisely with this idea, offering a service of the highest quality, with which the HEK MAKINE project was born.

Much more than a sale

From HEK MAKINE we are clear about what it means to buy an industrial machine and all the headaches associated with this process. Therefore, one of our main assets is our 360º service or turnkey, because we take care of each and every one of the steps of the sales process so you do not have to worry about anything.

At HEK MAKINE we offer machines asper our customer’s needs, this being one of our main hallmarks, which we are very proud of.

We work with the most relevant brands in the plastics sector and sheet metal deformation, and we verify all the machines to ensure that they will comply 100% with the expectations of the client.

Clients in the world

HEK MAKINE has with customers around the world

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